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Control your assets and systems yesterday, today, and beyond with Digital Twins management refined with Low-Code automation

Asset Insider is a comprehensive low-code asset management software built on the Microsoft Power Platform. The app is designed to assist organizations in optimizing assets throughout their full lifecycle.

We combined Machine Learning, AI, IoT, and Digital Twins to automate the creation and deployment of predictive management models. Make faster and accurate forecasts and align your high-level business objectives to lower-level operating processes.

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Over 13 functionalities to help you take control of the asset lifecycle

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Asset Insider combines the characteristics of Digital Twins, CMMS, EAM, and Low-Code to bring you a 360° asset management approach and the ability to add customized functionalities.

360° Full Assets Lifecycle Management

Get deep insights into every aspect of the lifecycle of each of your assets. Act fast, when needed by getting the required information on time. Track history and find your assets in seconds.

Movements & Tracking

Businesses manage both fixed and dynamic assets. With Asset Insider you’ll get a deeper overview of their health and productivity insights. Keep track of when assets are returned, rented, or scraped. Don’t lose sight of them with the asset tracking function.

Warranty & Insurance

Tracking assets through warranty? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a simple way to report a problem when one arises? With Asset Insider you have complete control to quickly identify and report issues. Alert key members of the staff or an outside vendor to the problem. Ensure that related documentation is tracked and properly managed with the click of a button.

Predictive Maintenance

Deliver predictive maintenance based on real-time information about the condition of the equipment. Identify warning signs of potential failures with IoT technology.

Planning & Forecasting

We incorporate IoT into the app so you can analyze asset information collected from workflows and systems, enabling greater operational practices. Get real-time information system alerts and smart technology in your hands and optimize planning and forecasting

Contract Management & Billing

You can manage billing and chargeback within Asset Insider. Track resource consumption, manage reports and generate invoices.

One source of trust

Asset Insider will synchronize your assets data across many records-systems and create one source of trust.

Asset localization

You may be losing assets regularly and not even noticing it! Know where your assets are. Keep them available at all times. Achieve better accuracy with your management. Increase efficiency and organization of your company’s physical space

Condition & Usage Monitoring

Maintain high levels of availability and control maintenance and service costs. Generate detailed asset management activities and schedules. Asset Insider records, processes, and interprets the operating parameters for you.

Components & Repairs

The condition of the components of the assets is critical. Track and achieve the best condition of your assets. Plan maintenance and service schedules in advance. Ensure assets get serviced regularly and deploy flawless preventive maintenance management.

Notifications, Reports & Analytics

Asset Insider will automatically send real-time notifications for all the major actions performed over the assets. Get custom reports to support insightful business decisions. The analytics will provide you with a clear picture of how assets are utilized in each phase of the lifecycle.

Risk, Cost Management

Identify potential risks and threats that your business might face. The Insider helps you collect and analyze the most critical information so you can address revenue leakages, increase margins, and respond quickly to the changing needs of your business


Asset Insider connects with your enterprise with 300+ possible system integrations. Gather all your data in one place. Allocate time and money to other important operational tasks.


With Insider, you can manage your compliance, internal control, and audit policies. Track their compliance status, meet the guidelines of regulatory requirements, and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Asset Insider: Industry 4.1 solution

Manage vast infrastructures with a flexible approach and gather maximum value of your assets. There is no need for different solutions to take control over their lifecycle.

During our joint work, the sappience team stands-out with exceptional professionalism and their approach for creating predefined products and custom software solutions for different lines-of-business.

– Nikolai Gorchilov – Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and Shareholder @ Excitel

“Based on the trial process, we gave our feedback and custom requirements. The first of the three main reasons for choosing Asset Insider after the proof of concept was that the tool has the required capabilities to manage different kinds of assets – from multiple IT equipment categories to the fleet of vehicles, light, and heavy operational equipment. Another reason was that the software could be customized for specific needs or add new custom features. ​ And finally, it’s based on the Power Apps and the rest of the Power Platform-tools, and we can create more custom and line of business apps on the platform.”

– Plamen Velkov, IT Manager @ Orbico