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How We Reimagined Asset Management In 4 Days

The Digital Renaissance is upending the traditions in asset-intensive industries — and that is a powerful charge for improving their overall performance. Asset Management is going through another turning point in its existence – the transition from conventional practices to Digital Twin Management. The long road from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.1 ‘There are decades...
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The Rise of the Citizen Developers

Long story short Imagine a worker in a big business corporation. Let’s call him Martin. There is a lot of business to do and the schedules are demanding. Martin is in a team of seven people and he is the leader. His goal is to make their work more practical and automated. So, Martin gets...
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The Low-Code Market In The Enterprise Segment

In August 2019, Gartner published their respected report and Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. In this trends blog, we at Sappience, try to give some highlights based on the Magic Quadrant and share our insights At the very beginning, you can check this page for additional information on what are Low-Code Platforms, their evolution, and the...
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