About Us
The result of applying the method: Asset Insider

Conquer the Digital Renaissance

The founders of Sappience have been a part of the asset-intensive digital transformation from the very beginning.

Through personal observations on the Low-Code market, we discovered the things the users were looking for that were missing in the existing software and apps. That is why we created a model combining 4 elements – to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises around the world through smart low-code development.

The purpose of our journey

Apply human wisdom, knowledge, and potential in creating smart low-code business apps to help enterprises leverage the latest digital technologies, implement their Industry 4.1 vision, and scale-up the value chain.

The Method

We had experience in the implementation of core business solutions, web & mobile development and design, project management. Not only did our team observe and analyze the digital transformation from the very beginning, but we also participated in it.

We knew what the market needed, what the existing software and applications lacked (and still does). The customer’s needs are changing at a rapid pace and we have recognized the need for enterprise digital transformation to be accelerated.

What was missing?

We needed a model that can combine all the elements:

Vast business and technical knowledge and capabilities of different people
AI, IoT, and Digital Twins to automate the creation and deployment of predictive management models
Inspiration for business apps meeting the specific enterprise needs in different industries
Tools to create products fast and deliver them even faster to the market

We established this model in the Digital Renaissance when Sappience was born. We’re among the first companies in the CEE region fully dedicated to creating our business applications portfolio, based on world-class low-code development platforms.

Sappience is a story about enthusiasm and passion, driven by the new, backed by knowledge and experience, future. We are walking this journey alongside our teammates, partners, customers, and the up-and-coming technologies.

What happens when we combine the elements: Asset Insider

Asset Insider is a comprehensive low-code asset management software built on the Microsoft Power Platform. The app is designed to assist organizations in optimizing assets throughout their full lifecycle by giving you access to the latest digital technologies.

360° Full Assets Lifecycle Management

Get deep insights into every aspect of the lifecycle of each of your assets. Act fast, when needed by getting the required information on time. Track history and find your assets in seconds.

Movements & Tracking

Businesses manage both fixed and dynamic assets. With Asset Insider you’ll get a deeper overview of their health and productivity insights. Keep track of when assets are returned, rented, or scraped. Don’t lose sight of them with the asset tracking function.

Condition & Usage Monitoring

Maintain high levels of availability and control maintenance and service costs. Generate detailed asset management activities and schedules. Asset Insider records, processes, and interprets the operating parameters for you.

Predictive Maintenance

Deliver predictive maintenance based on real-time information about the condition of the equipment. Identify warning signs of potential failures with IoT technology.

People and Continuity

With a centralized, democratic, and cohesive organizational structure, teamwork and brainstorming are crucial, but we also inspire employees’ autonomy and freedom to create divergent solutions.

Sappience’s internal culture is focused on innovation and quality. We give high value to both the creative process and the result of the overall project.

Employee individuality to achieve their goals in an inventive and challenging way
Initiative and freedom of speech on project ideas, work processes, structure, and others
Personal and team responsibility for activities, duties, and culture
Team support and assistance to ensure business continuity and greater resilience

Spirit and Energy

Our values encourage fostering true innovation and beauty to create something enduring that can influence the asset-intensive industrial society to improve overall results and break with their conventional daily operations and workstyle.

Strongly dedicated and achievement-oriented
A developed aesthetic to the artfully crafted small details
Creates opportunities with significant added value
Fast-moving, Forward-moving, Energetic

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