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Imagine the following

Have you experienced this scenario?

The Solution

Our “From Idea to App Challenge“ initiative is a workshop where you and your team, challenge us to reinforce one of your business ideas.
How we do it:

  1. We deep dive in your idea and requirements
  2. We introduce to you the low-code approach to get the job done
  3. Then, together we transform your idea into an App model and build its foundations


The Benefits

We are not limited to an hour or two. We will finish the day when we have given you the concept of how a low-code application will empower your idea and allow you to innovate.

You will leave the “From Idea to App Challenge“ workshop with:

  • Better understanding of new business applications reality
  • Plan how your App can be developed in days or weeks
  • Execution Roadmap with low-code budget
  • Freedom to choose what’s next

Next step

Regular Price 800€

But this is limited time free offer for registrations before 9.Oct.2019!

What’s needed is just to describe shortly your idea and put your contact details to Challenge us.

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