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Sappience launches their first Consulting Service 'Digital Twin Enablement 2 Week Assessment' in AppSource

Sappience rolls the Digital Twin Enablement Assessment in AppSource

Get a blueprint for enforcing Digital Twins in your Enterprise Asset Management method​ Sappience launches its first Consulting Service in Microsoft AppSource – the Digital Twin Enablement 2-Week Assessment. We will guide asset-intensive companies towards realizing the potential of existing processes and asset portfolios and deploying the Digital Twin technologies in their Asset Management.​ See how...
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Digital Twins: The Future of Water Utility Asset Management?

The water utility industry faces several challenges, some of which are:   Reduction of water supply   Population increase   Increase in pollutants   The use of effective management techniques is crucial for the efficient use, protection, and distribution of water. Business and efficiency indicators play a major role in maintaining a balanced water consumption process that relies on...
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How To Apply Artificial Intelligence To Improve Customer Service And Network Maintenance

Artificial intelligence applications in the telecommunications industry are increasingly helping CSPs to manage, optimize, and maintain both infrastructure and customer support operations. This provides improved CX and added value for businesses. Here are several communication service strategies for deploying and using artificial intelligence.
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Innovative Asset Management For Utility Industry: How To Thrive In The Digital Renaissance

Utility industry outlook In the utility industry, there is a trend of high service costs but stagnant growth. This is mainly due to the need to modernize the aging infrastructure, digitalize, and secure the network. In 2019, prices rose only slightly despite this upward pressure. Low natural gas prices and declining wind and solar costs...
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A Microsoft Power Platform solution for healthcare emergency response

6-month free usage of full Power Apps capabilities to organizations in the Healthcare, Government, Non-profit, and Education sectors that are responding to the COVID-19 crisis Original Source: As the COVID-19 crisis escalated earlier this month, Microsoft released a Power Platform solution for managing communications across an organization. Thousands of customers have since employed that solution,...
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