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How We Reimagined Asset Management In 4 Days

The Digital Renaissance is upending the traditions in asset-intensive industries — and that is a powerful charge for improving their overall performance. Asset Management is going through another turning point in its existence – the transition from conventional practices to Digital Twin Management. The long road from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.1 ‘There are decades...
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Take part in the exclusive workshop series ‘Reimagine Asset Management’

Are you ready to dispel some folklore-based asset management perceptions? Only 5 days left until the official start of the exclusive workshop series ‘Reimagine Asset Management’ and we are ready to set off on the journey towards Digital Twin Management. Sit with some of the brightest minds in Asset Management and learn how to distinguish the company by...
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Webinar Alert for Utility & Teleco: Empower the value chain with the Digital Twins

Telecommunication and Utility, it’s beyond time to rethink your asset management! Today, a great blizzard of all kinds of technologies is raging all over the world. Along with it, the two industries have also spread their presence around the world. Except for their growing strength and capabilities, expectations, and challenges for businesses are growing as...
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Power Apps the Gateaway to Industry 4.1

Microsoft Power Apps: Getaway to Industry 4.1

Industry 4.1 is here and it is the next step in the industrial revolution. The latest technology solutions are much more accessible, more flexible for implementation in different industries, and easier for adoption by the organizations. How can you integrate them into your business strategy? This was the core concept in our webinar on 12...
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Sappience took part of Investor’s Entrepreneurs of the Future event

Entrepreneurs, Innovations, Experience, Teams, Capital Funds. These were the hot topics during the 2019 edition of “Entrepreneurs of the Future” discussions, held on the 25th of September in Capital Fort. Angel Georgiev, the founder of Sappience, shared many details about how the idea and company were born. This happened during the discussion panel moderated by...
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Hello world!

Welcome to the Sappience trends in low-code development and asset management. We’ll do our best to keep you informed with interesting and relevant information about the exciting new world of low-code development solutions so stay tuned!
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