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Inventing The Smart Business Apps Marvel: Digital Twins through Low-Code

This is the hardest innovative technology-related question you’ve ever been asked:  “Can someone combine the qualities of CMMS, EAM, and Low-Code into one single software?”  This month we sappience are reinventing the value chain with our Digital Twins Low-Code asset management solution! We’ve just released our latest version of the Asset Insider.  Asset Insider is...
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Sappience becomes a member of the Digital Twin Consortium

Sappience is honored to announce that it is an official member of the Digital Twin Consortium – a global partnership between academia, industry, and government to promote and enhance the Digital Twins. The consortium was created by digital leaders such as Lendlease, Microsoft, Ansys, Dell, GE, Northrop Group. Together we will form a global ecosystem...
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Digital Twins: The Future of Water Utility Asset Management?

The water utility industry faces several challenges, some of which are:   Reduction of water supply   Population increase   Increase in pollutants   The use of effective management techniques is crucial for the efficient use, protection, and distribution of water. Business and efficiency indicators play a major role in maintaining a balanced water consumption process that relies on...
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Episode 5: The Future Trends of EAM

Today, billions of assets need to be tracked in real-time. Processes require constant monitoring, maintenance, and optimization. Actually, the whole enterprise needs this! Asset Management trends are changing rapidly and are ready to answer the call for digital transformation. Let’s take a deeper look at them and find out what lies ahead for the future...
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