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Episode 4: Asset Management The Standards

BSI PAS 55: 2008 is a publicly available specification (British Standards Institution) for the optimized management of physical assets. It defines what good asset management means. PAS 55 has been developed over six years by a group of more than 50 public and private organizations. It applies to any organization where physical assets are a...
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Episode 3: Asset Management The System Model

The Asset Management (AM) Concept Model teaches us how things happen when managing assets. The Asset Management System Model is used to illustrate what is happening in asset management. ISO 55001 defines only the requirements for the asset management system. The System Model is the guide to ‘assembling’ the parts of an asset management system...
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Episode 2: Asset Management The Concept Model

Asset management is an intriguing field. We can imagine it as a mixture of: art innovation strategic thinking planning This means working with technical elements and collecting asset data. Models are key helpers when making decisions on the base of the information received. The decisions themselves must be related to the objectives of the stakeholders....
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Episode 1: Asset Management Terms Demystified

Every business wants to maximize working time, reduce costs and risk, and deliver the highest quality products or services. To achieve these goals, the assets of the enterprise should be used and managed as efficiently as possible. This is a series of articles on Physical Asset Management. In the first part of the series, we...
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Behind the Scenes of the Asset Management World

You can’t solve a problem without the basic knowledge of the subject. You can’t take action and expect outstanding results without building a strategic plan. Now imagine working in these conditions in your industry. Trying to manage your company’s assets and unleash their full potential. There is a lack of: Knowledge Skills Value A solid...
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