About Us

A little history

Sappience is here

The discussion was about how to do something innovative in ages when new apps are appearing every day, every minute in the app stores. We live in times when the new cutting-edge technologies can change the way companies do their business.

We had the experience in implementation of core business solutions, web & mobile development and design, project management etc. We observed and analyzed the digital transformation from the very beginning, actually, we participated in it. We knew what the market needs, we knew what the existing software and apps were (and still) missing. The customer needs are changing with great pace, and we knew that their digital transformation should to be done quicker.

What was missing?

We needed a model which can combine all the parts: the vast business and technical knowledge and capabilities of different people, the ideas we had for business apps facing specific needs, and the tools to create own products fast and to deliver them faster to the market and to the customers.

When we found this model, Sappience was born.

Sappience is a company established in the ages of digital renaissance with the goal to accelerate the digital transformation of businesses globally. Proudly, Sappience is among the first companies in CEE region fully dedicated on creating its own best-of-breed business applications portfolio, based on world class low-code development platforms.

We would like to introduce to the world our own products, but also to empower the business customers with platform to create their own applications, even without having the specific programming skillset. Our Apps library is growing with new specific solutions and features, aiming to increase the business productivity. But if something is missing, there are two possibilities – we are still working on it, or business users of the customers can create their own app for specific business line or the whole organization.

The acceleration depends on time, speed and motion. Therefore, talking about the desire to accelerate the digital transformation and moving in the right direction, Sappience Team utilize the power and constantly evolving capabilities of Low-Code Development platforms. Partnering with the world’s leading vendors in the industry gives us the foundation to provide the best possible Time to Value ratio to our customers and Apps users.

The digital transformation is a journey, and the application lifecycle management as well. So, the last piece of the puzzle is the roadmap guiding to excellence and innovation. To support the product development and customers’ digital ride, Sappience have a strong set of value-added services.

All of these are just the first chapters of a book. Sappience is a story about enthusiasm and passion, driven by the new, backed by the knowledge and experience. But this is open story with many characters: our current and future teammates, partners and customers, and the up-and-coming technologies. And the next chapters of the book will be written by all of us together.


Who we are - key facts

The founding team members of Sappience each have over a decade of experience in their strongest areas of expertise. They include long history of web and application development for various businesses in a long list of countries.
Our Vision:

To reinforce the digital journey of the businesses, headed to their own Olympus Mons

Our Mission:

Applying human wisdom, knowledge, and potential in creating business applications, accelerating the world's digital transformation.