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Business Analyst and Project Coordinator discussing a project with his teammates

sappience. is looking for a professional who will directly influence the further product development and deployment of our Low-Code application portfolio based on the established best practices and innovative technologies. You will be one of the people who is building software solutions that the customers will need tomorrow.

We are creators of the Low-Code Asset Management & Digital Twins solution – Asset Insider. It’s designed to help businesses of all sizes provide optimal care and optimize the asset lifecycle. sappience. is a Microsoft Preferred Power Apps Partner delivering business solutions for customers and partners across the globe – from Australasia to North America. 

Become part of our vibrant, creative, and disciplined team. Influence the continuous improvement of Asset Insider and the customer onboarding processes. Embrace the opportunity for career growth in the innovative professional niches – Low-Code Development and Digital Twins (Management).

The purpose of our journey: 

Apply human wisdom, knowledge, and potential in creating smart low-code business apps to help enterprises leverage the latest digital technologies, implement their Industry 4.1 vision, and scale up the value chain. 

Professional Experience and Skills We Are Looking For

  • 2-3+ years of experience in business consulting and analysis or implementation of Core or Line of Business (LoB) software like ERP/CSM/MES/APS/EAM or other niche applications. 
  • Excellent business process analyzer, systematic thinker, task coordinator, and outstanding organizer.
  • Demonstrated ability to define business processes and create business requirements towards software solution, module, or specific feature – someone who can build the bridge between Business and IT and make them work together. 
  • Knowledge of best practices in one or more of the following areas: Asset Management, Supply Chain, manufacturing planning and execution, Maintenance. 
  • Deep understanding of business analysis techniques and business process modeling approaches.
  • Someone who thrives through self-direction has an entrepreneurial spirit and does not wait for a micromanager to tell them what to do each day.
  • A professional who uses their time resource wisely.
  • Capable of working with Business Process Management tools and Project & Task Management solutions. 
  • Highly interested in coordinating and testing the implementation of the results of the analysis and the business requirements into a working solution.

Bonus points if you have: 

  • Validated passing of training or certification related to business analyst and process management (Six Sigma, Object Management Group (OMG) BPM, APICS, ITIL, etc.)
  • Any experience with Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps / Power Automate) 
  • Industry knowledge in Telco, Utilities, Manufacturing, Energy, Transport, and Logistics. 

Language proficiencies:

Fluent in English and Bulgarian – speaking and writing skills. Other languages are a plus. 

Responsibilities of a Business Analyst & Project Coordinator. Your typical day at the (home)office:

Business Analyst and Project Coordinator team working on a client project and business processes specifications

In your role as a Business Analyst & Project Coordinator, you will be one of the engineers of success for sappience. and Asset Insider. You will stimulate growth and achieve your goals with a combination of best practices, company values, and innovation, and experimental approaches in your product development and projects delivery endeavors. All of this aligned with our mission to empower our customers in their journey through the Digital Renaissance.

  1. Work on exciting internal and external projects in asset-intensive industries to establish Digital Twins solutions on the market. 
  2. Gather market demands from various sources: business domain standards, industry best practices, customer groups, specific customer’s RFPs, analysis workshops during pre-sales and projects, etc. 
  3. Transform the demand into business process models and business/technical requirements towards SaaS solutions. 
  4. Create the “Project DNA” documentation for new or improved Asset Insider features as part of the RnD practices of the company or customer’s implementation projects. 
  5. Plan and monitor the execution: coordinate the team activities between Business Requirement and Quality Testing. 
  6. Conduct the Quality Assurance of the new or improved features you have been modeling and have created business requirements for in the very beginning. 
  7. Bravely participate in the Project Board (a.k.a Steering Committee) and communicate with RnD or Customer Stakeholders. 
  8. Actively shoot-the-breeze with the market and customers on how to adopt best practices, out-of-the-box features, and software capabilities. Dare to challenge them. 
  9. Stay informed of the current and future industry-, business domain-, and technology trends. 
  10. Be active in the constant improvement approach – in personal- and company-wise aspects.

Personality traits and team culture

Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. Leveraging common sense to put into simple words diverse customer problems. Can combine data analytics with outstanding presentation skills and a creative approach to persuade prospects to take the next step in their customer journey. Someone who is relying on logical thinking and strategic vision in decision-making. Enthusiastic to learn and apply new things and drive success through team play. 

Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. Leveraging common sense to collect information, define problems, draft to-be business processes, advise stakeholders. Someone who can communicate their idea and be relentless about turning in the quality product on time and budget.

Can you recognize yourself in this description? In sappience. you will meet dedicated and loyal teammates with whom you can share this work ethic and: 

  • A genuine curiosity. 
  • A positive ‘can-do attitude. 
  • Team spirit and respectfulness. 
  • Exceptional time and task management.
  • The ability to take ownership, responsibility and demonstrate self-initiative. 

Professional benefits

As a part of our team at sappience., you get an opportunity to directly impact the creation and implementation of the next-generation Low-Code business solutions in a growing B2B SaaS startup. How does this translate into activities? You will: 

  • Be able to attend a wide range of professional training, events, and memberships in world-renowned companies/associations. 
  • Be part of constantly improving Center of Excellence. 
  • Take the lead in the development and application of the latest technologies on the market. 
  • Participate in various exciting cross-industry and cross-continents projects. 
  • Team co-working space, team building activities, game nights, and lots of fun. 
  • Have the opportunity to work from home and/or a co-working office space.
  • You will learn, you will be challenged, and you will grow in your role.

How to apply for this position

Join us as Business Analyst & Project Coordinator to do the best work of your career and make a profound impact. 

Apply for this position by sending your CV and/or LinkedIn profile to our team at join@sappience.digital referring to the position of Business Analyst & Project Coordinator.