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When developing Low-Code solutions for our clients, we start with an extensive analysis and understanding of the processes specific to their businesses.

We applied the same approach in redesigning the sappience site. Our team created an understanding of the connection between digital technologies and Asset Management.

Welcome! We are happy to celebrate the occasion with you.

What is the unique feature of the project? The essence of innovation in asset-intensive enterprises

The biggest challenge was to build a complete and understandable perception of the innovative technologies we apply in asset-intensive enterprises. Terms such as Digital Twins, Low-Code, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things have a comprehensive meaning.

Our team set a goal to show you the reality of asset-intensive industries and how they innovate their asset management systems with various technologies.

The Digital DNA and innovative asset management solution

The two things that we are most proud of were born at the very beginning of the project and in the middle of the road.

The first of them has become a distinctive element of our brand – the digital DNA of sappience. You will often find it on the pages of the site or social networks. Let it remind you that you can advance.fast.digitally.

At sappience, we have dedicated our time and efforts to building and developing Asset Insider. The Insider is a Low-Code software with which our customers in more than 4 different industries manage their assets throughout the complete lifecycle.

We came up with the visual concept of Asset Insider’s architecture somewhat unexpectedly. It explains how businesses can advance the way they operate by adopting new models driven by Technology. Explore the connection between physical and digital here.

Top 5 places you should definitely visit

As you take your tour of the site, be sure to take a look at these places. Among all the brilliance, they shine the brightest.

Join the Digital Renaissance in our Low-Code Trends. Get to know practices that will accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Uncover the secrets of the latest technologies on the market and learn how to create a competitive advantage by bringing them into your processes.

We help asset-intensive businesses take full control of the life cycle of their assets. We do it with Low-Code and Digital Twins in over 4 different industries – Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Banking, Logistics, and Transport. Find more about how we do it and the technologies we apply.

The democratization of expertise has presented hundreds of benefits for app developers and businesses. However, it also brought a need. That is the spark that ignited the flame in our founders’ hearts and propelled our development to this day. Uncover the story behind the creation of sappience. Get to know our corporate culture and our attitude to creativity and ingenuity in business.

With Low-Code technology you can build end-to-end apps in just weeks and even days. All you need is a single platform to leverage its ideal conditions. Combine business logic with any technology you desire – Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Sensors. Take a look at where business plans become an action.

New add-ons that you will meet

Sappi – Your digital assistant. Sappi will guide you through the various pages, providing you with a variety of resources, ideas, and answers to your questions.

Live Trends – The content we will share with you is varied and detailed. To always be informed about the latest news and technological advances in your industry (and not only), but you can also become part of our newsletter.

Mark the occasion with us: Take part in the sappience Scavenger Hunt

During the redesign of the website, we lost parts of our digital DNA in its pages. Are you ready to join us in hunting them?

Once you register to join the Scavenger Hunt you’ll receive a set of 8 questions and 1 task.

You’ll restore the missing Digital DNA data pieces by finding the correct answer to those questions. You will have 7 days to complete the mission – the time expires on February 18 @ 4 pm (3 CET).

We have prepared appropriate awards for such heroism.

Take your place among the winners!

1. One Grand Prize Winner

Be the first to send the correct answers and collect the missing DNA. Win a Personalized ‘Digital Twin-In-a-Day’ Workshop. Explore the creation of a complete Digital Twin. Learn how to adapt it to the needs of your company and get a roadmap for implementing this innovation to transform your business processes.

2. Four Ultimate Prize Winners

Get the chance to participate in sappience’s workshops this March. Explore supply chain innovations across industries while engaging with market leaders. Challenge the audience, ask questions, and spark intriguing Q&A sessions.

Take part in the Hunt. Register to receive the questions: